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Seeking male chastity sub

Looking To Date A Cougar

Seeking male chastity sub

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Cheap manchester escorts may not want to go bungy jumping but I wouldn't miss seeing you do it. You seem like a good debator. I want a genuine honest nice girl who wants to be with her Daddy.

Age: 36
Relationship Status: Married
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City: Kilmacolm
Hair: Golden
Relation Type: Sexy Woman Wants Sex With Hotel Worker

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The women listed below are available for men who are looking for a Mistress to hold their keys.

If I accept chastity, you will come to sub in seeking to be chastised and you will only gain release in my presence I live in the southwest suburbs male Chicago. I will expect regular reports from you - this is not a game to me.

Every man has some sort of talent. Several options available. I don't want any kind of sexual relationship.

I am a life-style Domme. And please, do not insult me by suggesting a sexual service.

I would expect weekly reports, and I would require that you allow me to do a monthly skin check. I would hold the key only for a male who is serious about chastity.

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I will hold slaves chastity keys. If you approach me be prepared to tell me what you offer in return for my service.

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Female Keyholder available for serious minded chawtity who require enforced chastisement. I charge only what the slave thinks is a good price to pay for me to hold your keys for you.

I think it is only appropriate that I be compensated in some way for this service. I will provide the lock so I know I have all keys.

I expect reports from you every 3 days. I am very real and have no interest in online or cyber domination.

I learned long ago that the easiest way to control a man is by control of his cock and balls. You would provide your own device.

I am a 30 year old life-style Domme with over 5 years experience. Strict, no nonsense approach to male chastity. I am not motivated by money and am not a professional.

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I have decided to offer my services as Keyholder to a limited of men. Believe all males should be chastised.