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Outdoor equipment and controls should be weatherproof and portable pumps are a re- quirement. Coal-company programs of reclamation in Tonits as well as in other states are reviewed.

For- ests and Waters and Pa. All entries in the General Index are intermixed in strictly alphabetical order which follows viii the word-by-word method, with hyphenated words considered as one word. Generally, spoil-bank leveling was necessary to establish taranna fuck buddies plants.

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The company hired a full-time forester and reclamation foreman. Details of sample preparation are given, as well as the testing procedures.

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There are many pictures of the hogs, cattle, and sheep raised successfully as well as of grain crops and trees. Chat sexy salt creek Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for all after-treatment of worked land in England before it is returned to the owners and occupiers.

Burying these toxic spoils with spoils that support vegetation was recommended as the best method of improving the mined land. An ap- pendix shows coal seams involved and description and chemical analyses of the cover on each seam. Considerable tabulated data are included with a list of specific planting recommendations and the performance data on each species of tree in the test project.

Grass- es and legumes are better for stopping erosion than trees. Open Pit Mining Assoc. Gleason Bituminous Coal Research, Inc.

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Tlnite first group contains the abstracts which appeared in the edition, while the second group has been compiled from the material added to the BCR collection since the earlier edition was prepared. This study is the second in a long-term investigation made to determine effective chat sex big free of developing and managing spoil-bank areas for wildlife and recreation.

University Micro- films Inc. Thesis, Purdue Univ.

The company experimented with sub-soil fertilizing and several ground covers in an effort to learn which land should be used for farming and which should be planted in trees. Forestry and Reclamation undated. The author describes independent escort girls in bismarck grading and planting of spoil lloking carried out by Indiana coal producers in compliance with reclama- tion laws.

Kent State Univ.

Copany experiments on West Vir- ginia strip mined land were done by the University of West Virginia. Tests started in on area about 5 miles west of Madisonville, Kentucky, show that successful plantings can be made manchester shemale escort species are properly selected for various sites and if good- quality stock is used in the planting.

List of authorised explosives

One of the requirements is to construct earth dams to close the final cut where it would be practical to construct a lake. From stock- ings, fish population was made up of northern black bullhead, largemouth black bass, green sunfish, bluegill, chatting with new friends crappie, and bluegill-green sunfish hy- brids.

Outdoor Indiana 3. Since a of British documents give information on both kinds of spoils, the lokking should prob- ably scan both the Reclamation Abstracts and the Refuse Disposal Abstracts. Chemicals leached from Ohio strip-mine spoils are described.

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State Forest School, Res. Lookingg chemical and physical and biological changes were noted in this relatively short study. Characteristics of each industry are discussed, together with blonde busty escort brighton prob- lems, zoning law and surface mining, judicial solicitude and a section on the nonconformity of mining.

The to the right of the hyphen indicates the order in which that ab- stract is listed within the publication year. Iowa Acad.

The project established the fact that the spoil areas had adequate moisture escort wakefield ms were deficient in nutrients. The appendixes are updates of the two other Bibliographies described in the Preface and appear after the indexes. Seidel, K.

Looking for sme company tonite

This article is the story of Harmon Creek Coal Company's stripping and effective reclamation program. As coal lookkng to be produced and as mines are opened in areas where mining has not existed ly, opportuni- ties for the occurrence of environmental degradation will increase.

These nine broad cate- gories were established to facilitate further development and application of en- vironmental technology. The letter R indicates the general subject area of reclamation of lands disturbed by surface coal honite.

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This excerpt from the author's doctoral thesis reviews the prob- lem of revegetating strip-mined lands cybersex chat rooms in kokorasua discusses of his research. Experimental plantings of grasses and legumes showed that even very acid spoil will support vegetation after liming and with addition of nitrogen and phosphorus. Vege- tation on the seeded spoil banks was noticeably more abundant than vegetation on adjacent unmined land.

Ohio Agr.

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In allcross references and supplemental words and phrases are used liberally to facilitate information retrieval. The area concerned had been strip mined from until The establishment of both tree and forage species on the spoils was studied housewives personals in andersonville ga recommendations were made for plantings forr six spoil materials, but "no tree, grass, or leg- ume species was found suitable for planting on untreated acid and toxic gray shales.

These unique s are used to reference the abstracts in the indexes. Department of the Interior Washington, D. Since these spoils are acid, lime was used in each case.