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IPS Insurance


1) Information Sheet (Conditions)

2) Claim Form

3) Cover

4) Erasmus Mundus Policyrider / Special conditions for Erasmus Mundus grantees




1) You won’t need the original card or certificate to use the insurance. You are not required to show your insurance directly to the doctor or the hospital , the card is meant to remind you of your identification number and the length of the policy coverage.
2) The IPS insurance can be used in two ways:
- By requesting a reimbursement of the medical costs: you pay for the expenditures of the medical service you need. Then, bills and original documents have to be sent directly to the Lippmann insurance company, in Netherlands. Please remember to keep a copy for yourself in case the documents get lost.
- by asking for help in case of emergency, hospitalization, etc. : “in case of hospitalization SOS international has to be informed by phone in advance or, if not possible, not later than one week after the hospitalization”
“SOS international” is a Dutch insurance company, so you can contact them not only for medical emergencies but also for any type of emergency (robbery, loss of documents, etc.).
- SOS International phone numbers for emergencies : +31 20 651 51 51
- SOS International phone number for information: +31 20 651 56 00

3) The “Claim Form” should be filled out in its every part. In the second page you will be required to write your bank account data. In order to ask for reimbursement you can send the form within three months of the medical treatment.
4) Reimbursement can be asked for any case of medical treatment , robbery or travel accident.
- contraceptives are not refundable
- vaccinations are not refundable
You can go to any physician or hospital recognised by the National Health Service of the Host country.
If you need a piece of advice about which doctor you should go to, we suggest that you ask your Host University or Host supervisor for advice.
5) The refund request procedure is explained in the “Information Sheet”.
6) In case you have doubts about insurance usage or refund request , please contact directly Lippmann insurance company:

Claim handler: Carmelita Kromowirjo

e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

phone number: +3170 302 89 76