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Università degli Studi di Padova

Via VIII Febbraio 2
35122 Padova – Italy
Phone: +39 049 827 5111
Call centre: +39 049 827 3131

International Relations Office

Via Roma 38
35122 Padova – Italy
Tel. +39 049 827 3067
Fax. +39 049 827 3917
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Università degli Studi di Padova: PDF presentation





Link to UNIPD website:

For any question regarding the application process, please write to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Language Requirements:
For the teaching/working language, please refer to the information reported in the Academic Offer for each mobility position. In any case, we don't require a language certificate.

Remarks on the DOCUMENTS REQUIRED for the application:

  • the CV must be written in English or in Italian;
  • for PhD/Post-Doc and Staff mobility an English or Italian version of the research/teaching/training proposal must be submitted;
  • ACCEPTANCE LETTER IS NOT REQUIRED. It is warmly recommended only if you already have a contact at UNIPD and you want to declare that officially. In all the other cases we will proceed to evaluation of all applications and look for a local supervisor for your mobility.
  • we don't require legalized translation of diplomas or transcripts during the application and selection stage. The legalization of the documents will be only required for Full Bachelor, Master and PhDs;

Academic Requirements:

  • for Full Bachelor (34 months): High School diploma.
  • for Full Master (24 months): Bachelor Degree (in a study field similar to the one you're applying for).
  • for Full Doctorate (31 to 34 months): Master Degree or minimum 4-years Bachelor Degree (in a study field similar to the one you're applying for).
  • for Post-Doctorate: Doctoral Degree or 3 years of proved experience in research (see definition of Post-doc researcher).
  • for Teaching Staff: proved experience in the Study Field you apply for. Letter of support from Host Institution is recommended.

Sandwich Doctorates/Post-Doctorates/Staff: IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Although an acceptance letter from UNIPD is not necessary during the application stage, it is warmly recommended that you browse the institutional website of UNIPD (or the link provided in the Academic Offer) and look for one or more professors that work on the subjects of your interest, mentioning them in the Motivation in the application form: this will ease the evaluation process and will give you more chances of receiveing a positive evaluation.

Services at UNIPD: link

Information before and after arrival:

Invitation letter:
All beneficiaries will receive an information letter language as soon the selection process is over. They will be informed about the details of their stay and the further procedure to be followed.

The International Relations Office will issue an Invitation letter for the visa application, and contact the Italian embassies and consulates involved. We will regularly check with the grantees the progress status of their visa application, if they might need any additional document.

SASSA Service, the accommodation service of the University of Padova, will offer to the grantees a room in the University residences nearest to their faculty. The grantees will have to fill in an online application form in order to receive an accommodation offer from SASSA. They will then have to accept the offer and sign a contract. Usually some of the University residences are reserved for Erasmus Mundus students (SASSA Service website).

the canteen card will be provided by the SASSA Service and will give access to all the ESU Canteens.

Arrival Information:
Before their arrival, all beneficiaries will be provided with detailed information about the transfer from the airport to Padova and about the practical procedures to be followed at the beginning of their stay.

At their arrival in Padova, all beneficiaries will receive a cheque for the first two monthly allowances. They will also receive a tax code necessary to open a bank account where the allowance will be tranferred on a 2 months basis.
In Italy Erasmus Mundus scholarships are exempt from taxation.

Residence permit:
The residence permit application will be processed for all the beneficiaries within 8 working days after their arrival in Italy. The SAOS Office, "Welcoming Service for Foreign Guests" of the University of Padova, located next to International Relation Office, will receive them during these 8 days in order to help them filling in and submitting their "application kit" and all the necessary documents on time.

Degree seeking students will be regularly enrolled through a facilitated procedure dedicated to Erasmus Mundus students.

Language Courses:
free Italian language course is offered to all the grantees by the University Language Center ("CLA - Centro Linguistico di Ateneo").Other Italian language courses are available in Padova.

The city:

Discovering Padova